Why Deal with the Whole When We Can Play Them Against Each Other

  I have been watching the growth of the Idle No More movement over the past week and it has really driven home one of my long time sentiments regarding silo thinking within government.  To make matters worse too many in the general population don’t even recognize let alone acknowledge how this silo approach affects … Continue reading Why Deal with the Whole When We Can Play Them Against Each Other

Please Don’t Try to Help Me!

I was recently out for supper with a pleasant well educated couple whose company I have always enjoyed.  As usual, with me, the conversation did drift around to politics.  The issue of right/left came up a number of times however I am much prefer a more centrist common sense approach.  I find this right/left conversation … Continue reading Please Don’t Try to Help Me!

Dismantling Democracy – edited and updated

To quote Franklin D. Roosevelt "Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education." I originally published this in December of 2012 and I find it very disappointing that, ten years later, I have to update it. This "trucking convoy for freedom" … Continue reading Dismantling Democracy – edited and updated

Democracy versus Politics

I have often seen democracy defined as: “a form of government in which the people freely govern themselves; where the executive (or administrative) and law-making (or legislative) power is given to persons chosen by the population; the free people”. Politics, on the other hand, is defined as: (Used with a sing. verb) The art or … Continue reading Democracy versus Politics