Monthly Archives: February 2013

Red Tape Parade’s

Nothing is ever straight forward in the world of disability but when those programs reportedly there to make life easier for a person with a disability don’t you can get upset quite easily.  Why do things in the disability world have to be so complicated all of the time?  My answer:  we are a good […]
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Revisiting Accessibility…Again

I live in a Calgary riding who’s MLA is a fellow in a wheelchair, Kent Hehr. I have dealt with Kent on a number of issues and I run into him on occasion in the community as he keeps himself very visible (for all of the right reasons). The Beltline is a pretty high density […]
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The Poster Child Philosophy

I was having my morning coffee and catching my morning news when a War Amps ad came on.  The ad shows a cute little girl who, due to a birth defect, was born with only one arm and at about age four is using a prosthetic.  This little girl and her mother are talking with […]
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