Another Case of Situational Ethics at our Expense!

I use to think I know what democracy meant but I am having serious doubts about what has become of Canadian democracy.  There was a time when elected officials like MP’s were allowed to speak on behalf of their constituents but there was also a time when ridings were allowed to choose their candidates without … Continue reading Another Case of Situational Ethics at our Expense!


Do you have an aid?

I have been following the news recently on this foreign workers program.  Every time some innocence looking scam arises it winds up having deeper implications than initially thought.  And it does seem to be happening with greater frequency for our current ruling government.  It is just unfortunate that we should be governing from a position … Continue reading Do you have an aid?

Times They Are A’Changing!

Imagine having your ability to be a parent challenged simply because you have a physical disability.  Imagine carrying your child for the duration of your pregnancy with your husband, who also has a disability, by your side throughout just to have a government children’s protection program take your child on the day of birth.  Imagine … Continue reading Times They Are A’Changing!