Letting the Tides Take Me

Letting the tide take me!
Letting the tide take me!

Welcome to Kelowna!  After an almost four month hiatus from writing I am back.  Four months of craziness, turmoil and change.  My summer kicked off with a massive flood in Calgary.  The spin was “a once in a hundred year” event which, as it turns out is a shorter span than described, was only eight years after the last “once in a hundred year” natural disaster (the 2005 flood).  But then that’s the same story the residence of Colorado were being told.  However two horrific floods in North America in a less than a one months span has nothing to do with climate change, right?

As a wheelchair dependent person the destruction and changes to the infrastructure in Calgary quickly made me realized it may be time to let the tides carry me somewhere new, yet again.  And as with so many important life events, timing was everything.  In this case the timing became linked to meeting the needs of my mother.  She was hoping for one of her kids to live in the Kelowna area so she could have some emotional support and as it turned out I was seriously contemplating any potential future in Alberta.

There were a lot of issues happening in Calgary that contributed to my thoughts of moving.  Being an outspoken advocate does not exactly lend itself to the maintenance of friendships.  That was something that really caught me by surprise but a reality I had to deal with.  I love Alberta dearly and Calgary will always be my reference to home however it is far to right for my tastes and a lot of that right wing ideology is very passive.  By passive I refer to “friends” who would whole heartedly agree with something I might have said and then I would never hear from them again.  They would just drop off my radar for no apparent reason.

I was actually visiting my mother in Kelowna when the flood hit Calgary.  The added bonus of my son and grandson coming to Kelowna from Vancouver Island to visit as well helped to re-enforce my move to Kelowna.  The flood kept me there an additional four days due to highway closures.  My mother felt the flood was a message for me to move to Kelowna to be close to her.  And the fact that my son and grandson would be six hours closer all contributed to my decision.

So after a six year experiment testing the old adage “you can never go home” as well as reflecting on a long ago read book by Thomas Wolfe with the same name, it was time for a change.  My reality is the other old adage “home is where the heart is”.  I have moved so many times in my life that the concept of “roots” is really alien to me.  However that philosophy has allowed me to live in almost every major city in Canada which has helped to create a better understanding, in my mind, on this complexity that we call Canada.

It didn’t take a lot of thought.  As a child I spend a lot of time in the Alberta Children’s Hospital.  In those days you would often be in the hospital for the entire school year because schools weren’t equipped for access back then.  I say back then like it is ancient history but to me it isn’t.  Ancient history would be almost anything before I was born.  In those days hospital visits were restricted and in the Children’s visiting hours were every Wednesday from 3 to 4 and Sunday’s from 1:30 to 3:30.  They were also restricted to your parents with pre-arranged once a month visits with your siblings.

Come hell or high water I would see my mother trudging every visiting day from the bus to the hospital.  Of course when my father wasn’t working they would arrive by car but usually it was mom using public traffic.  It was with that thought in mind that I knew there was no way I could leave my mother on her own.  I five other siblings and none of them are in a situation where they could make this move so here I am.

So I am back and will begin posting regularly again.  There are way to many issues happening in Canada for me to be quiet regardless of what province I live in.  I am already receiving calls from individuals looking for an advocate so I don’t think finding activity will be difficult.  I am now where the tide of life has taken me for this chapter of my life.

Just one mans’ opinion!

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