The New Digs – Part 4

So I was popping an e-mail off to a buddy over in South Korea who is about to make his annual trek back to Canuckland.  I’ve known Cam for many years and try to get together during his annual treks.  I was passing on the new address, contact information, etc that etiquette suggests you should when relocating.  I was describing the trials and tribulations of the move and decided to describe my newest discovery, something even I took for granted based on the simple garbage chute that was at the end of the hall on every floor of the last place I lived.  Here’s what I wrote.  Enjoy.
Anyway I am much closer to being settled in and just starting to discover some of the unthought of issues.  No more garbage dump here at the end of the hall.  No. no there are large industrial bins out back of the building with a huge emphasis on recycling.  God forbid if you put cardboard in the plastic bin which, did I mention, industrial which puts them to about three feet taller than a wheelchair.  
Oh yeah and to get there one must wheel down a drive-way build to take the rain down into the middle of the pavement (about a five degree angle on both sides) so no matter which direction you go one’s wheelchair is pulling you down to the middle of the alley.
And the icing on the cake is the two sets of wonderfully designed speed bumps, very effective unless you are pushing a wheelchair over what I am sure would provide a thrill to any mogul skier, on the way to, did I mention industrial size, garbage collection area.
I need to get a photographer that would be good with my video camera.  There has to be a decent YouTube video here trying to balance plastics, cardboard, recycling and garbage on ones lap while navigating a wheelchair through what might be considered a challenging course to someone with that mountain biking mentality.
Anyway I love my kitchen and hopefully will have some wall hangings up soon.  Now to find a solution to the garbage!
Just one man’s opinion!

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