The Throne Speech, a Compass for Misdirection!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I found the Throne speech to be a real slap in the face to anyone who is capable of individual thought.  I have no idea who actually wrote it but they should have contracted Alice Munro.  After all she just received the Nobel Prize in Literature for her ability to write short stories, the first Canadian female to win this prestigious honour.  This Throne speech read more like a short story rather than a political blueprint.

Governor General David Johnston did what every Harper appointee does which was read the script.  And certainly don’t let context get in the way.  If one were to put all of the self kudos into the proper context of what has actually happened in the past seven years the speech would have been less than fifteen minutes long.  Regardless it still lacks the depth or direction one would expect as a blueprint for a nation.  In fact the only direction I see is MISdirection!

No where in this speech was there a word regarding the important issues facing Canada right now.  When a government is plagued with scandal after scandal then they should return to what got them elected.  If this government is serious about hitting the reset button then deal with the issues at hand.  And it is definitely time to hit the reset button.

This government ran on a platform of economic protection and job creation BUT also to bring a more open, transparent and accountable group of of political leaders to Ottawa.  With the global economy having been in the toilet for the past five years it is no stretch to wave a Canadian flag and say “yay look how well we are doing”.  If job creation is based the results of corporate espionage then lets party in Rio.  I’m sure the agency that does this for us will be celebrating out of their new $1 billion digs affectionally referred to as Project Camelot!

What the government fails to mention is our current national debt, currently sitting at almost $700 billion.  They would also like us to forget about MP’s, a Minister no less, buying $16 a glass orange juice.  This is the same government who two years ago tendered a $20 million 90 day contract to receive economic advice on how to manage the Canadian economy.  This is fiscal responsibility?  If we want our country to be run by a boardroom then why bother with elections.  I am sure that Dean Del Maestro would echo those sentiments!

And yet we are still expected to believe we are dealing with a government that is bringing openness, transparency and accountability to Parliament Hill.  Is it open responsible atmosphere really reflected on Parliament Hill?  Apparently not according to Canada’s Information Commissioner, Suzanne Legault.  And her voice is not alone.  We see these stories everyday in the news but how much actually settles into our conscience.  Anyone else recognizing just how much secrecy is creeping into Canada?

This Throne speech, from my perspective, is a slap in the face to the middle class.  If this government really believes that a sudden interest in the well being of the middle class is really going to change the channel on scandal then that just re-enforces just how out of touch this government is with the middle class.  Just how shallow does this government think the middle class is?  If providing a free “app” to veterans in order to justify closing down nine veterans centres is helping the middle class then we are sunk.

If vague promises to help the “middle class” pushing programs that to date this government has opposed whenever they were raised in the house can sway votes, then people we get what we deserve!

Just one man’s opinion!


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