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Does the Message Match the Action?

Well it has been a very active week politically and disappointing week if you are living with a disability.  Some politically positive stories and some very negative stories regarding disabilities.  I connect the two because the fate of so many … Continue reading

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Looks Like a Duck, Talks Like a Duck but it isn’t a Duck

Two issues in the news today caught my attention.  The first was no charges will be coming forth regarding the robocall affair.  With the exception of Michael Sona, whose court case begins June 2, Elections Canada states there is insufficient … Continue reading

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Twitter Was Not Designed for Conversation

I did something today I have always told myself I wouldn’t do.  I tried to engage in a conversation with someone on Twitter.  It’s impossible to have a reasonable conversation with someone using only 144 character but especially when that … Continue reading

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Pipelines and Tankers

Well the people of Kitimat, and by extension the citizens of BC, had their say yesterday, April 12/14.  They held their own plebiscite and said “NO” to the Northern Gateway Pipeline.  Now granted this is a non-binding vote but it … Continue reading

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My Father was a Veteran

My father was a veteran and he was proud of it.  I was proud of my father as a vet.  My father joined the army in 1941 to fight in World War 2.  He was from a Mennonite family and … Continue reading

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