Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Wisdom of Social Media

I first heard Dave Snowden speak at Royal Roads University in Victoria back in the late 90’s.  What he spoke of has stuck with me to this day.  The topic is even more relevant in this time of social media.  It is usually referred to as knowledge management which is the backbone of any social media […]
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Supporting Our Veterans in the 21st Century

It is Remembrance Day in 2014.  It is the day we remember those who sacrificed for our country.  We remember those who gave their lives in the Great War of a 100 years ago.  It is a day we remember veterans like my father who served in World War 2.  It is a day for […]
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I haven’t posted for a while due to business.  However I can’t use that as an excuse and I can’t put this off any longer.  This week has been extremely aggravating and epitomizes the challenges I have been helping some clients with. There has been a lot of news this week on the subject of […]
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