Procrastination Should Not Be Your Marketing Strategy

Christmas is that time of year where you separate the wheat from the chaff for the hard core procrastinator.  Christmas is a holiday we all know a year in advance will be here on that exact date, yet so many people wait until that last moment before tackling the holiday shopping.  Many marketers would argue … Continue reading Procrastination Should Not Be Your Marketing Strategy


When the Epiphany Hits…

I was in the middle of a Christmas event yesterday, courtesy of the Downtown Nanaimo Business Improvement Association, when an interaction took place that created an epiphany moment.  Although it was a general public event there were a number of persons there with disabilities.  However, unlike myself, every other wheelchair dependent person there had an … Continue reading When the Epiphany Hits…

Do Social Contracts Exist?

Some interesting developments in the past week regarding the status of social contracts. The existence of a social contract to protect our veterans is being challenged by government lawyers. This government has retained lawyers to fight a court challenge initiated by a group of veterans as a way to receive services and supports now being … Continue reading Do Social Contracts Exist?