Does Political Correctness Change Racism?

I was as saddened this past week as millions were when Dylann Roof boldly (I’m suppose to use “allegedly” here but he has admitted to his actions) and viciously killed nine people in a historical church in Charleston, South Carolina.  Unfortunately I wasn’t shocked which is even more saddening.  Apparently Sandy Hook taught us nothing.  Whether we want to admit it or not racism is alive and well not only in the States but in Canada as well.

Today President Barrack Obama used the “n….” word in a public interview causing an outrage.  To me there is not a more disgusting word than the “n” one (I can’t even write it) but it is all to real.  Just because we have made it politically incorrect to use this word publicly doesn’t mean racist attitudes are not still out there.  The erosion of that word has been based more on political correctness than changes in societal beliefs.

Yes there have been positive steps in the past but it seems for every two steps forward we have politicians who like to take some steps backwards as well.  The most recent I have noticed in Canada is the whole approach to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  In Canada there have been over 1100 murdered or missing aboriginal women over the past thirty years but we have a government that doesn’t see that as a “societal issue”.  Convince me that’s not racism…(buzzer sounds) too late!

I can understand the frustration President Obama must be feeling.  He decided to make a very strong point by using very strong language.  It seems you can’t open a news site these days without seeing a story about another attack on some marginalized group, particularly African Americans.  Sometimes you need to shock to get your point across and I’m assuming Obama felt the need for shock!

Racism is not necessarily overt, it is often disguised as good will.  There was a time when people believed they were helping the blacks of America by applying what today are considered racist acts.  That same philosophy permeates around persons with disabilities.  The treatment and attitudes towards the disabled are just a polite form of racism.  It’s disguised as a way to help but it is nothing short of a gentle form of racism.

Why is it not considered “racist” when bumper stickers get sold on line accusing the disabled of being “lazy” for using disabled parking stickers?  How can the death of 27 year old Lee Irving, a disabled member of the community being called a “hate crime” not be seen as racist?  The forcible sterilization of persons with disabilities cannot be seen as anything but racist.  Worse that practice still goes on because “we are protecting them from themselves“.  Whether people like to admit it or not this is another form of racism albeit dressed up to look like someone is helping.

Forty years after amending the Canadian Building Code to ensure physical access the Ontario government will now look into accessibility issues.  Why has it taken this long to recognize the need for a strong will to ensure access is there?  Why do companies like Uber get a pass on not having to provide accessible service?  Quebec recently finished a study on the income inequalities faced by members of the community living with a disability.

Four years ago I did a YouTube video about Mitchell Wilson.  He was an 11 year old disabled child who felt it was better to tie a plastic bag around his head and never wake up rather than face anymore bullying.  Rather than face the bullies’ in the court case he went to bed the night before the court case was to be heard,  tied a plastic bag around his head and his parents found him in the morning.  That one had a very strong affect on me.  I’m sorry you can’t convince me that isn’t a form of racism.

Change requires choice and chance
Change requires choice and chance

Until we all stand together and say enough is enough this will never change.  We now live in a country where democracy has been so eroded people are afraid to speak up.  And those that do speak up, thanks to Bill C-51, can be arrested, unchallenged, for doing so.

I have recently been told by one of my own family members that I have no idea what I’m talking about.  That I should be proud and give up this sense of “entitlement” I apparently exhibit.  That’s the covert bullying I deal with almost everyday to the point where I hate leaving my apartment so I don’t have to face that ignorance.

Bullying is alive and growing in Canada.  Bullying feeds racism and threatens anyone who challenges it.  If you really want to see how bullying works watch the Harper government in Question Period some day.  Bullying is alive and well there.  If people don’t start taking a chance and demand change we won’t have a choice anymore.

If I have sufficiently shocked you then I have accomplished something.  With that said there are costs associated with this so if you feel up to it I have added a “donate” button to my site to help keep shocking.  If you like what I’m doing two or three bucks can start to add up and cover my costs.  Have a good day 🙂

Just one man’s opinion!

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