As Bob Dylan would tell you…

Confessions time –  I have been following this online thread recently where they discuss all things disabled blah, blah, blah however one of the recurring themes is attitude.  No surprise but it got me to thinking last night.  I remember giving my first “attitude adjustment” to someone when I was fifteen years old.

This was in the sixties and attitudes were very different.  Up to this point about the only physically disabled you saw in the community were war vets so the concept of integration was only applied to new immigrants.  Integrating the disabled (not going to worry about labels here) was something the #veterans set the table for.  With the

Graph of polio stats
Polio outbreaks over the years.

upswell of polio kids in the late 50’s and 60’s there became a need to incorporate these kids with disabilities in all aspects of life.  “Mainstreaming” seemed the easiest way to go.  Those that couldn’t would be “warehoused” in nice long term care centres.  I am not denigrating “mainstreaming” or “warehousing” it was a different time and it was done with good conscience.  However attitudes evolve and changing attitudes promoted change and it is really awareness that changes attitude.  Back then the idea of  building a more inclusive society was not even a concept simply because the breadth of disabling conditions was so much narrower than it is today.Continue reading “As Bob Dylan would tell you…”