All Toilets are not Created Equal

I find it interesting that the minute I ask a business about accessibility the first two thing I will hear are  ramps and bathrooms.  And though I do appreciate an accessible washroom it’s because when you wheel around all day hands tend to get a little dirty.  It’s always nice to know I can wash up.

As far as the toilet, well these businesses should ask wheelchair users about the necessity of toilets.  They are NOT the end all be all for most people in wheelchairs except to empty a leg-bag or a bladder for those who are catheter free.   Unless it’s a real emergency (and it is usually to late by then) the chances of using a public washroom for a bowel movement is highly unlikely.  I will tell you more about that towards the end.

Wheelchair friendly toilet
A toilet with enough space for my wheelchair foot plates to get under.

With that said, all toilets are not created equal.  I was whipping around Woodgrove Mall the other day and had to use the public washroom to take a pee.  This was the toilet and I must compliment Woodgrove on it.  I believe it is a Kohler K-4460 and it is perfect.  You don’t see them very often because they are a little bit more expensive but well worth the few extra bucks.  I do not know if it was a conscious plan but my point of view they are about the best you can use.Continue reading “All Toilets are not Created Equal”