Ms. Leitch Please…

I have been making a real effort to avoid any return to political blogging but this one I can’t let slide.

Choosing Ignorance
Why is it so much easier to choose ignorance rather than accept fact…

Ms. Leitch please, you went from asking what you referred to as a simple question regarding Canadian values to “enhance a unified Canadian identity“.  Words are powerful and emotive.  From a semantics perspective there is a big difference in the subtext of Canadian “values” and “identity”.  Hiding behind semantics to advance, what appears to be, a questionable agenda not only insults my intelligence, it also insults my “Canadian identity”.

I was born in Manitoba, grew up in Alberta, lived in Ontario (mainly Toronto) for three years, lived in Montreal for a year, Halifax for almost a year and 25 years in BC.  There is no such thing as a “single” Canadian identity.  There are many, many great Canadian values and for you to sully them under the guise of enhancing a unified Canadian identity requires that I speak out.

I will bend over backwards to defend anyone’s right to make any derisive or divisive statements you wish.  But I will not sit quietly by like a sheep to gobble up the droppings from the queens wagon.  I thought you and the Conservative Party of Canada was past this divide and conquer nonsense used in wedge politics.  I thought that after ten years of polarizing Canadians your party was returning to the roots of actual “progressive” conservatives.

For you, Ms. Leitch, to be introducing the Trump factor to Canadian politics has me convinced that YOU should take whatever test you are suggesting.  Lets see how you measure up to the average Canadian set of values or if you have any “anti-Canadian values“…for one of the few times in my life I agree with Tim Powers…


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