Word Whispering

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrows questions” – Edgar Cayce

I spend a good part of the past week data mining the information sources for my last article, time to kick back…put the feet up by the fireplace…oh damn the cable fireplace is down for the season…oh well.

On a dark, rainy and windy evening in Nanaimo I was suppose to be at Maude Barlow‘s water crisis presentation.  As I said on a DARK, RAINY and WINDY night looks like it’s the Page 1,2 of the World’s Mens Curling Championship.

hobbiesincludeIn between ends I keep flipping over to my PVR to catch up on The Originals with Sleepy Hollow in the queue.  It’s raining with trees rattling (I check for that because my car is parked uncovered except by this heavy tree) from the wind but I can still hear the sound of the curling rocks on the ice well enough to turn and look.

Meanwhile in the rumblings of my numbed mind I started to percolate one of those things like an epiphany moments but haven’t quite got there.  Wow Brad Gushue just throw a beautiful shot and now they are heading for the 5th end break.  The demographics of my entertainment viewing is really diverse but so is the community.  I just see it in different ways.

I’m watching this strap on the bike holder on the back of a Honda out there beat the crap out of the side of the car.  The wind is just hammering.

I got it now, I know where I was going.  The world is a much more complex place than most people really like to consider.  It may not happen fairly and it may not happen quickly but if you believe in it eventually it will happen.

Keeping my opening quote in mind here’s something for the millenials to think about.  These people we are voting on next month (and I know a lot of you don’t like to vote) but they represent the generation of political leaders who will craft the legislation that will affect you in twenty years.  If you want to have some good answers you better have some active dreaming going on…just saying.

Boredom on a Friday night

Just one mans opinion…


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