The Convenience of Fear

I have just finished my “voluntary” isolation period. Haven’t been tested but not feeling ill at all. I have taken the opportunity to get out for a good wheel when weather allowed practicing “social distancing”. The reality of life in a wheelchair is that “social distancing” is standard practice. I experience way too many people who, out of fear, like to take a wide berth around a wheelchair user.

Living with a visible disability you learn early in life that people fear what they don’t understand and Kenney has milked that to the point where the teat has chafed so badly it’s bleeding. I have dealt with that kind of social distancing most of my life but it has never meant more than it does now.

Fear is quite normal, it has been a tool of survival for thousands of years. One of the few remaining “caveman” reaction, buried deep in our DNA, is that “fight or flight” reaction that comes as a biochemical reaction to fear. However there is a huge difference between fear and panic. Panic is also a reaction created by fear and panic is “stressful“. Panic and stress are not a good mix for decision making, particularly decisions that threaten rights and freedoms.

Kenney recognizes it. He realizes he can push through almost anything his twisted little heart wants as long as he keeps the misinformation ramped up. If you keep your citizens frightened and panic with misinformation eventually they will be paying you to protect them from this mythical “boogey-man”. We cannot sit back and let this man use the convenience of fear, unfounded fear, take away our rights. Rather than fear try using caution and common-sense, something we seem a little short on these days.

As a polio survivor to me this is criminal. The idea that this sub-human can hand out $1.5 BILLION of public money and then lock Alberta into a $6 BILLION loan guarantee while telling Albertan we can’t afford to pay education or healthcare workers their true value has pushed me beyond my “patience border”, this fat little sociopath has to go. If it wasn’t for “misinformation” Kenney wouldn’t have any information.

A good part of his election platform was screaming about how unfair the federal transfers were, what he didn’t mention was his role in setting up the federal transfer process or his involvement as a federal MP on cuts to healthcare. I remember well. In 2011 I did this little video on healthcare funding while explaining the court process that could be used. The avenue through the court process is still available to anybody who wants to challenge Kenney.

Take a Stand

The reality of the danger this man presents while using the “optics” of misinformation is, as I started to say, criminal. The UCP should be held complicit in any and all deaths related to the COVID19 crisis. We don’t have to live in fear but we also don’t have to live like little sheep being herded by that fat little piece of ego in Edmonton. Grow a spine people and, like the Alberta Medical Association, take a stand. You have rights, use them.

I came into this world just to be confronted by one of the largest polio epidemic of our time. I faced it, I caught it and I conquered it. I refuse to leave this world due to the arrogant ego of a Premier who is more interested in sustaining an industry on life support rather than properly funding those services meant to keep us off of “life support”. I am so angry right now I am vibrating more than a dildo at a 70’s sex party…

And now for our commercial. Kenney has stripped away so many support services for the disabled almost no disability related costs have anymore coverage. If you find value in what you are reading hit the “Donate” button above. My bed frame broke two nights ago and I can no longer put my bed in a tilted position. Currently I don’t have the $2000 required to replace it so I am hoping to raise a few donations through my website here. Don’t feel you have to but every $5 donation goes to my PayPal account which will in turn help me get that bed. And now back to our regular scheduled programming…


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