Quiet For Too Long

I have been gone and thought my days of posting my thoughts were behind me. It has taken a pandemic to come to the realization that I am not ready to stop posting the garbled garbage of my thoughts yet. I thought I was ready to stop posting but didn’t want to stop writing. Now, with the newest version of the COVID19 restrictions, I continue to write daily. Winter weather isn’t conducive to wheelchair life anyway, going for a wheel in snow and -15 is not a relaxing situation, so I write. Usually I just hibernate but this year social isolation has taken on a whole new meaning. Over the years I have become use to hibernating but this year it is a way of life for a lot more people.

This year I can hibernate while using the tools available to me “social media” to maintain and encourage interactions. This is finally a situation where relationships can continue to be enjoyed without being face to face. These days I’m usually at home anyway writing or researching. And it would appear nothing brings out more fools and bizarre conspiracy theories than a good worldwide health crisis. Since I’m home most of the time writing or researching most of this crazy shit why not share some of the insights I see. So I am going to post this one as a Happy New Year post and take the steps needed for the next chapter.

For the first time and we need it

Writing and expression is kind of meaningless if you are not sharing which brings me to an important point. I am not trying to create a “monologue” but a “dialogue” so leave a comment below, share your view, let me know I’m not the only one capable of seeing through this new world of smoke and mirrors. We shouldn’t have to worry about smoke and mirrors but when you elect egos that’s what you get. They are very good with smoke and mirrors. Plus, to me, writing is like quilting to others, or a diary for some or maybe gardening for others. It is whatever their passion is and one of the things I am noticing about these COVID restrictions is how much many are learning about themselves (discovering their hidden passions).

Writing is my passion, I love writing, I love using words to create a vivid image. I enjoy “fact checking”, sifting through details in order to be an informed voice of conscience, something a lot of people are lacking these days. But people like to share their quilts, some like to share their diaries or share their gardening accomplishments with others. People don’t play to their passions just to hide them in a closet so why shouldn’t I share some of my meanderings. I mean to sit and write something, then not share it in some way is like talking to myself and you know what we say about people that talk to themselves.

After eight months of COVID19 induced isolation I realized it wasn’t the writing that I was backing away from but the subject matter. I have spend so much time writing about access I didn’t realize how long I had been beating that horse. After almost fifty years of fighting for disability rights and access just wheeling away now would result in me feeling like my whole life has been a waste of time. I have been in a forest of access issues for so long I no longer see the trees and I can’t do that. At the same time I often feel like I’m screaming into an empty valley. There is a whole world of younger access activists out there, time for me to put down the mantle and let the new kids take over. After all 45 years is a long time to beat the same horse so good luck people and with a word of caution, I remind you to keep your guard up, gains can be eroded quickly and we have a government in this province who are using the facade of the pandemic to erode rights.

There, that’s the serious crap out of the way, time to think of the future. So I am going to design a new page and just have some fun while also getting my political digs in. We are certainly in serious need of some levity in that area and, with this government there are peat fields of digging that can be done. So I am going to close this year with an “All The Best in 2021” (can’t really get worse) but also an alert. I am going to leave access issues alone and focus myself back on social justice issues.

Watching the current ruling party, the UCP, strip away rights gives me numerous skids of info to go after. I will be redesigning my site, share some stories and perhaps provide some insight into how our democracy is being stripped away. One thing the COVID crisis has shown me is how little people really pay attention to detail. As a retired policy analyst research is my retirement activity so most of my writing will be based on that. People need to pay attentions and if I can get just one person to rethink the situation, I’m happy. Think about it, what kind of responsible role modelling does a Health Minister exhibit when he drives over to a constituents home to belittle him from the landowners drive way. Ask yourself what kind of government rips up the doctors master agreement at the beginning of a health crisis and then adds insult to injury by pushing their professional association into effectively creating regulations restricting the “portability rights” enjoyed by every Canadian.

So I will speak with you in the New Year, new look, new directions less concern over hurting peoples feelings. I’m writing about something because of something the topic emoted in me, not attack you. If you decide to personalize anything I say thats on you. Be aware and don’t be overly sensitive. And keep in mind I’m looking for dialogue, not a monologue. Leave a comment, ask a question, rip a strip off me but lets create a dialogue. If all I was interested in was a monologue I find an open mike night somewhere…all the best

5 thoughts on “Quiet For Too Long

    1. Right on, we too often take our personal experiences for granted and by staying quiet we lose our stories. I see you are bassists as well so you should have some interesting experiences. I like to look at time frames to see where our experiences have brought us from. Thanks for the comment

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