Why We Beat Ourselves Up

Just got back from lunch with a friend and some in-depth discussion on the upcoming UCP leadership vote also making them the Premier (for the time being). The apparent front runner, Danielle Smith, wants to turn the clock back to the days of a monarchy. Frightening, that a women so out of touch with reality (the same women who thinks moving seniors out of needed hospital beds into “hotel” rooms left vacant due to the pandemic as a partial solution to healthcare disruptions) could actually be the new Alberta Premier. My 95 year old mother is being cremated today following six weeks “taking up space” in one of those hospitals. She wouldn’t have lasted a day at the “finest” hotel let alone lie there in a semi-comatose state waiting for an LTC bed.

I know from personal experience (40 years in a wheelchair has provided some insight) it’s hard enough to find an “accessible” hotel let alone one with oxygen dispensers, areas for wandering dementia patients, people semi-comatose waiting for their adult diapers to be changed and the list goes on. What world does she live in….bigger question, how informed or compassion are her followers? We are sitting back letting a hard fought for democracy be dismantled due to our own complacency.

This is the same woman who wants to introduce the “Alberta Sovereignty Act” so Albertans can enjoy all of the protections of a federal government but not prepared to follow the laws of the land. How many “pageant” crowns does she have in her closet? Alberta, wake up while you still have some protections? It is bad enough having a government abusing the marginalized, don’t start beating yourself up…

Poem of the day….

Your Own Worst Enemy

You wake up in tears, to begin your day
You already know, a rough one’s on the way.
People see you as happy, people see you as strong,
What people don’t know is they are dead wrong.

You’ve build a façade, all through your life,
But raging within you is conflict and strife.
You find yourself crying, from out of the blue,
You thought you were stable, now what do you do.

You live for so many, the friend that they need,
You spend all of your time, being helpful with deed.
But deep in yourself, you know what is true,
You’ve never been happy; your soul is so blue.

There’s only one way you will ever find joy,
Don’t be your worst enemy, let others destroy.
Terry Wiens


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