Rinse, Shake and Bake

“Probably past the point of waking up ” – Terry Wiens

Looking away, COVID deaths in the past two years 6.5 million

Hundreds of thousands without water due to climate crisis in Mississippi

So many climate related fires in Spain and Portugal blanketing most of Europe with air quality issues

California facing it’s own climate calamity with fire and drought

Pakistan facing their climate disaster with rains so heavy they are washing away buildings constructed 5000 years ago

China facing their own climate action through unheard of earthquakes destroying whole areas.

These are high-lights, not a complete list of the climate issues happening around the world. The problem is nobody is putting the pieces together. And now a poem…

The Arrogance of Man

The warmth of the sun on the cold mountain snow,
A conflict created through which new life will grow,
This is the way of this place we call earth,
Seasonal affects to give the world worth.
Through time eternal the balance has grown,
The cycle of nature is all we have known.

Now the vanity of man claims we can do better,
Cut down the forests, make the desert wetter.
That life giving balance that had worked for so long,
The arrogance of man will make it all wrong.
We threw off the balance that existed in nature,
By denying the knowledge we are earth’s creature.
Terry Wiens

More later…


One thought on “Rinse, Shake and Bake

  1. In Michigan because the factories closed down. The Great Lakes of Michigan, became clean enough to swim in again. The coronavirus slowed down but it isn’t enough my friend.

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