We Have Always Been Here

Chapter 2 (A) Over the years I have been asked (or told) often "why did we never see disabled people growing up"? Maybe you did but you didn't realize it. For years the disabled were "warehoused" in facilities. It was only through the development of human rights over the past fifty years or so that … Continue reading We Have Always Been Here


Growing Up as the Cardiac Monitor

"One of the most interesting things about science fiction and fantasy is the way that the genres can offer different perspectives on matters to do with the body, the mind, medical technology, and the way we live our lives." - Tansy Rayner Roberts It feels odd using an opening quote that reflects the subject matter … Continue reading Growing Up as the Cardiac Monitor

When The Government Gives You a Break

"Optics can drive an economy" - Shane Douglas It is unfortunate when "optics" become more influential than facts. My latest issues is the truth behind the UCP government "helping" those in financial straights due to the economic challenges of today. This $50 per month rebate on your power bill is a joke. Have you ever … Continue reading When The Government Gives You a Break