Rinse, Shake and Bake

"Probably past the point of waking up " - Terry Wiens Looking away, COVID deaths in the past two years 6.5 million Hundreds of thousands without water due to climate crisis in Mississippi So many climate related fires in Spain and Portugal blanketing most of Europe with air quality issues California facing it's own climate … Continue reading Rinse, Shake and Bake


Christmases Past and Present (2021)

Before the commercialized Christmas Tree, candles were the lights and only burnt Christmas Eve Merry Christmas and allow me to start by quoting the epiphany Scrooge experienced in that classic "A Christmas Carol". A tale that has been a mainstay of the Christmas spirit since its first publication in 1843. What many people fail to … Continue reading Christmases Past and Present (2021)

The Resurrection of a Memory

Alberta Children's Hospital (1958) Growing up in the Children's Hospital you really have little control over your day to day life. You learn quickly two things, routine is very structured and your activities are very planned. I knew everyday that a nurse would be there at 8am, noon, 4:30pm and again around 9pm to check … Continue reading The Resurrection of a Memory