Pioneer or Settler?

Chapter 2 I skipped a day, it was just too hot yesterday to sit in front of this screen reminiscing about all things childhood. But I am back today and the advantage of "hind-sight" has really been front and centre in my reminiscing. I was also dealing with lots of comments from others regarding childhood … Continue reading Pioneer or Settler?

Christmases Past and Present (2021)

Before the commercialized Christmas Tree, candles were the lights and only burnt Christmas Eve Merry Christmas and allow me to start by quoting the epiphany Scrooge experienced in that classic "A Christmas Carol". A tale that has been a mainstay of the Christmas spirit since its first publication in 1843. What many people fail to … Continue reading Christmases Past and Present (2021)

Thanksgiving 59 Years Later

"The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain.  It's the loneliness of it.  Memories need to be shared" - Lois Lowry, The Giver CONFESSIONS - It is challenging to distinguish between a confession and whining however after two weeks of fighting for some hope it is time to lay out a confession.  There couldn't … Continue reading Thanksgiving 59 Years Later