Frame of Reference

I dozed off in my recliner last night, it's a very comfortable chair, easy to doze off in but in bad need of some maintenance.  I woke up around 4:30 this morning and gave some thought to moving into the bedroom.  After glancing at my watch I just pulled the blanket up and went back … Continue reading Frame of Reference

Canadian Election 2015 – Day 1

DISCLAIMER, THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT.  NO MONIES OR PARTY SUPPORT IS COMING FOR THIS ARTICLE OR THE ONES TO COME.  THEY ARE SIMPLY A CONCERNED CITIZEN ACCESSING THEIR CHARTER RIGHTS OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Prime Minister Stephen Harper took a short walk this morning to the Governor Generals home and dropped the writ … Continue reading Canadian Election 2015 – Day 1

Twitter Was Not Designed for Conversation

I did something today I have always told myself I wouldn't do.  I tried to engage in a conversation with someone on Twitter.  It's impossible to have a reasonable conversation with someone using only 144 character but especially when that person turns out to have only linear thinking skills. I was watching Power & Politics … Continue reading Twitter Was Not Designed for Conversation