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Family Day and Telethon’s

“I didn’t ask anyone to make me a poster boy, because poster boys always end up on a dart board” – Anurag Kashyap  Today is Family Day in BC.  Yesterday was the 2017 annual Variety Show of Hearts Telethon.  What … Continue reading

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After the Poster Child…

Two things have come together in the past week which has encouraged me to write a bit more.  Steven Bertrand, a younger advocate acquaintance of mine in Victoria, send me a note telling me he has been asked to write … Continue reading

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I’m Just Saying

As many of you know I use Twitter and I tend to be a political junkie.  After a career as an information analyst I am also an information junkie however I also insist on verifying my information sources.  One of … Continue reading

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The Poster Child Philosophy

I was having my morning coffee and catching my morning news when a War Amps ad came on.  The ad shows a cute little girl who, due to a birth defect, was born with only one arm and at about … Continue reading

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