No Time to Stop

Lost in thought I thought my days of writing were behind me. I thought I was ready to just accept full retirement and kick back. I thought the community would show more "common sense" during a world-wide pandemic. However, with months of pandemic induced isolation leaving me with only my thoughts (and trust me, I'm … Continue reading No Time to Stop

The Resurrection of a Memory

Alberta Children's Hospital (1958) Growing up in the Children's Hospital you really have little control over your day to day life. You learn quickly two things, routine is very structured and your activities are very planned. I knew everyday that a nurse would be there at 8am, noon, 4:30pm and again around 9pm to check … Continue reading The Resurrection of a Memory

Moving Forward with Focus

My last writing proved very cathartic for me.  The numbness of the American election is beginning to wear off and the reality is settling in.  As a life long activist I spent almost three weeks questioning my purpose while letting doubt seep into the crevices of my mind.  Some of that doubt comes amidst a sudden … Continue reading Moving Forward with Focus