Pissed Me Off, Again

“A right must exist independently of its exercise,” – Rory O’Shea Was Here (2004) I usually try to be polite and mature in my writings.  I try to be as factual as I can and hopefully eliminate as much of my own bias as possible.  Then there are days like today where I run across a … Continue reading Pissed Me Off, Again

Providing Detail is Not Attacking

I grew up with a disability in a very different time.  There were no programs, no regulations, etc. there was just you, your family and your community.  There was no socialized medicine, accessible building codes or educational inclusion.  From a societal point of view we were just coming out of that age of "The Secret … Continue reading Providing Detail is Not Attacking

Human Rights – The Complications!

I was approached almost a year ago by the Alberta Human Rights Commission to develop or revise a number of human rights training modules.  The majority of the modules were aimed at the workplace, were to be presented primarily to human resource specialists and covered topics from "duty to accommodate" to "creating a healthy workplace". … Continue reading Human Rights – The Complications!

“Due Process”, Is it Important?

I just realized I haven't posted anything this month and yet it has been such an information packed month.  I think the most depressing event of the month was the ease with which Prime Minister Harper was able to have "due process" suspended.  I'm going to leave the politics of that alone for the time … Continue reading “Due Process”, Is it Important?