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The Age of Indifference

My move is done, I’m basically settled in with only my wall hangings to get up and a new sofa being delivered in about two weeks.  The wall hangings are proving to be difficult but that is the nature of living in a wheelchair.  Hopefully I can find a local day workers program and hire […]
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Arrogance Kills

  My level of exasperation with the Harper government has reached new heights.  Their arrogance has hit an all time high with the issue over the fake parts in our military Hercules transport aircraft.  When questioned about counterfeit computer chips in military aircraft Julian Fantino, who was associate minister of defense at the time, smugly shrugged his shoulders while […]
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Why Deal with the Whole When We Can Play Them Against Each Other

  I have been watching the growth of the Idle No More movement over the past week and it has really driven home one of my long time sentiments regarding silo thinking within government.  To make matters worse too many in the general population don’t even recognize let alone acknowledge how this silo approach affects […]
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