Where it Began

I fell asleep again last night in my recliner watching the late news.  I woke up at some point long enough to flip off the TV and slipped right back into a good deep sleep.  Woke up alert at 7AM, feeling refreshed like you should after a good nights sleep, feet not looking like the … Continue reading Where it Began

As Bob Dylan would tell you…

Confessions time -  I have been following this online thread recently where they discuss all things disabled blah, blah, blah however one of the recurring themes is attitude.  No surprise but it got me to thinking last night.  I remember giving my first "attitude adjustment" to someone when I was fifteen years old. This was in … Continue reading As Bob Dylan would tell you…

A Long Life, A Short Illness

I have been following the Truth and Reconciliation Commission process for some time now.  Needless to say I was glued to Newsworld this morning when they released the final report.  I was very surprised to hear the final residential school didn't close down until 1996.  That is not ancient history.  Being raised in an institution … Continue reading A Long Life, A Short Illness

Lets Try Again

A number of months ago I decided to discontinue these posts.  To be honest I wasn't seeing much sense to them anymore.  I wasn't sure how many people were actually listening.  The changes happening under the current government appear to be just speeding up the erosion process.  The only time I ever hear Harper making … Continue reading Lets Try Again