The Decline of the Independence Empire

"Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature's delight" - Marcus Aurelius   The end of the summer is upon us and fall is definitely in the air.  I know I haven't published a thing in almost three weeks however I do have eight drafts on the go.  The diversity of topics could confuse … Continue reading The Decline of the Independence Empire

Polio Diaries – Episode 4

I am going to switch gears today to discuss supportive alliances.  Polio survivors have had numerous alliances over the years and often the survivors were not even aware of them.  One of those alliances was in the form of the Canadian Paraplegic Association and by extension Canadian veterans.  Although formed to support returning WWII veterans … Continue reading Polio Diaries – Episode 4

Polio Diaries – Episode 1 The Diagnosis

It was just ten days following his third birthday.  He had been exhibiting signs of the flu for almost the entire ten days since his birthday and was getting increasingly sicker.  His mom had taken him to the doctor twice and each time been told if was just the flu.  The date was June 10, 1953 … Continue reading Polio Diaries – Episode 1 The Diagnosis