Polio Diaries, Episode 3

1953 saw the last of the major polio epidemics in North America.  In Canada that resulted in almost 9000 cases with over 500 deaths.  That was an 18% mortality rate and that figure climbs as high as 30% for adults.  The mortality rate isn't as high anymore where polio still exists but then medicine has come … Continue reading Polio Diaries, Episode 3

Polio Diaries – Episode 1 The Diagnosis

It was just ten days following his third birthday.  He had been exhibiting signs of the flu for almost the entire ten days since his birthday and was getting increasingly sicker.  His mom had taken him to the doctor twice and each time been told if was just the flu.  The date was June 10, 1953 … Continue reading Polio Diaries – Episode 1 The Diagnosis

Polio a Needless Outbreak

I am well aware of how many people have concerns over vaccinations.  I have spend the last number of years working closely with families living with children on the autism spectrum.  I have heard just about every argument out there, many of which have been scientifically dispelled but still not acceptable to these families.  I … Continue reading Polio a Needless Outbreak

Does the Message Match the Action?

Well it has been a very active week politically and disappointing week if you are living with a disability.  Some politically positive stories and some very negative stories regarding disabilities.  I connect the two because the fate of so many persons with disabilities is linked to the mood of politicians.  You can't promote positive change … Continue reading Does the Message Match the Action?

How Far Have We REALLY Come?

Leadnow.ca was having their first organizational meeting in Kelowna last evening.  I have been on their mailing list for sometime now and have added my signature to a number of their online petitions.   This is an online organization that appears dedicated to the protection of our democracy and tackle issues of importance.  Issues like … Continue reading How Far Have We REALLY Come?

Here We Go again – Final

I started this little series following the Kelowna stop of the provincial consultation process on what was entitled the "Disability White Paper".  I may have come across as demeaning it a little which was not really my purpose.  My purpose was really to show how history is continually repeating itself and that generational shifts happen … Continue reading Here We Go again – Final

Here We Go Again – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about attending a consultative process in Kelowna as part of a BC government dog and pony show.  The government website promoting this event states "The B.C. government is having a conversation with British Columbians to better understand how government, businesses and communities can increase accessibility and decrease barriers for people living with disabilities." … Continue reading Here We Go Again – Part 2