Volunteerism isn’t a Career!

I put a knee jerk reaction statement on my Facebook status the other day following a week of frustration.  I have been trying to find some paid employment in the Kelowna area so far to no avail.  I find this a baffling since I am constantly getting calls from individuals for advice and offers to … Continue reading Volunteerism isn’t a Career!

Does the Message Match the Action?

Well it has been a very active week politically and disappointing week if you are living with a disability.  Some politically positive stories and some very negative stories regarding disabilities.  I connect the two because the fate of so many persons with disabilities is linked to the mood of politicians.  You can't promote positive change … Continue reading Does the Message Match the Action?

Here We Go Again – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about attending a consultative process in Kelowna as part of a BC government dog and pony show.  The government website promoting this event states "The B.C. government is having a conversation with British Columbians to better understand how government, businesses and communities can increase accessibility and decrease barriers for people living with disabilities." … Continue reading Here We Go Again – Part 2

Neglectful Use of Policy

This recent tragedy at the assisted living centre in L'Isle-Verte, Que re-opened an old concern of mine and one I have raised often.  In fact I raised this with the Cowichan Valley Emergency Preparedness Committee in the late 90's following an extreme storm and major power outage (some places for four days) on Vancouver Island.  Those power … Continue reading Neglectful Use of Policy

Systems Come and Go but the Child is Always There

I received a Christmas card last month that contained a few old newspaper articles with me in the early years of my polio.  As an early poster child they tended to take a lot of pictures of you for the local newspaper but I had no idea these ones existed.  It really brought home the … Continue reading Systems Come and Go but the Child is Always There