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Polio Diaries – Episode 5

And so it was that on Monday December 28, 1953 my parents returned me to hospital.  Christmas was over and I don’t remember any more of it than my dad throwing up.  Friday January 1, 1954 I entered what was to be my first complete year as a rediscovered individual and that year would include […]
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Polio Diaries – Episode 4

I am going to switch gears today to discuss supportive alliances.  Polio survivors have had numerous alliances over the years and often the survivors were not even aware of them.  One of those alliances was in the form of the Canadian Paraplegic Association and by extension Canadian veterans.  Although formed to support returning WWII veterans […]
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Polio Diaries, Episode 2

Memories from my early polio years are pretty vague so I do have to work at retrieving them.  However with the 60th anniversary of the vaccine introduction to Canada coming up in 2015 I do feel it is important to log some of this before the first hand experience disappears forever.  Particularly right now with […]
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