A Dying Breed

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry” – William Shakespeare

Dad's Military Headstone passed away March 3, 1998 with vase of poppies on the base
Olds, Alberta military cemetery

March 3, 1998 my father succumbed to a brief battle with cancer and left this world.  This is dedicated to his memory and written on behalf of every child that ever lost a father they didn’t fully understand.  It has taken me twenty years of his absence for me to fully understand the impact he had on my life.

My father was a patriot and a proud Canadian.  His commitment to his country and justice was never more apparent than when he enlisted to serve in WW2.  He was from a large Manitoba Mennonite (a faith based, in part, on pacifism) farming family.  He went against his faith and faced excommunication when he enlisted in Armed Forces to defend democracy.  His commitment to hard work and fierce belief allowed him to rise to the level of a gunnery sergeant.  He spend the rest of his life wrestling with his war demons while quietly accepting the hearing loss associated with the roar of large artillery.Continue reading “A Dying Breed”