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Body Filling Healthcare

For those of you who followed the last four posts know how I was going on about healthcare, or maybe I should say health “administration”.  Apparently Island Health was reading as well.  I did receive a pleasant note from Island Health suggesting I contact the Patient Care Quality Office which I have declined to do.  I […]
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Knowing Yourself

The last couple of days have been a real “glass half full, glass half empty” internal debate week for me.  That type of chaos in my self-talk usually means it’s time to rebalance my Feng Shui.  Do I study Feng Shui, well not really, I have researched some aspects of it but I can’t really say […]
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And that’s the way it is…

I have sat down (kind of redundant statement considering I’m wheelchair dependent) numerous times in the past couple of weeks to put some thoughts to paper but to no avail.  Traditionally when I’m writing I have CBC News World on in the background, a practice I have now stopped.  It was becoming to difficult to […]
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