My Father was a Veteran

My father was a veteran and he was proud of it.  I was proud of my father as a vet.  My father joined the army in 1941 to fight in World War 2.  He was from a Mennonite family and protected from fighting for religious reasons so he didn't have to join but he choose … Continue reading My Father was a Veteran

Policies of Convenience!

This government just becomes more unbelievable every day.  A government with a history of passing around "private" information as in the Sean Bruyea and Dennis Manuge cases, for example, is now hiding behind the protection of personal privacy to avoid answering a question on how Canadian tax dollars are used.  Personal privacy doesn't appear to be an … Continue reading Policies of Convenience!

International Gesturing or Dismantling Foreign Policy

Let me start by expressing my concern over the situation in the Ukraine and voice my support for the Ukrainian people, both over there and here in Canada.  For once I agree with our government in the condemnation of these actions. With that said I am concerned over just how seriously Canada's voice is being … Continue reading International Gesturing or Dismantling Foreign Policy