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Fact or Fiction?

I am getting really tired of people telling me there is nothing they can do about the current attacks on our democracy when the topic of politics comes up.  What they don’t seem to realize is that by taking that attitude they are contributing to the stripping away of the Canadian democracy.  And one of […]
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Looks Like a Duck, Talks Like a Duck but it isn’t a Duck

Two issues in the news today caught my attention.  The first was no charges will be coming forth regarding the robocall affair.  With the exception of Michael Sona, whose court case begins June 2, Elections Canada states there is insufficient information to show “intent”. I guess where that causes me concerns is the focus on […]
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Politics or Partisanship?

I must admit I am quite pleased over the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision regarding the proposed appointment of Marc Nadon to their midst.  The SCOC did what they were designed to do, protect the law and, by extension, the Constitution.  I feel bad for Mr. Nadon because, unfortunately, he appeared to be nothing more […]
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