Why We Beat Ourselves Up

Just got back from lunch with a friend and some in-depth discussion on the upcoming UCP leadership vote also making them the Premier (for the time being). The apparent front runner, Danielle Smith, wants to turn the clock back to the days of a monarchy. Frightening, that a women so out of touch with reality … Continue reading Why We Beat Ourselves Up


When The Government Gives You a Break

"Optics can drive an economy" - Shane Douglas It is unfortunate when "optics" become more influential than facts. My latest issues is the truth behind the UCP government "helping" those in financial straights due to the economic challenges of today. This $50 per month rebate on your power bill is a joke. Have you ever … Continue reading When The Government Gives You a Break

Do People “Think” for Themselves Anymore

"Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with a sense of responsibility for each other's welfare , social justice can never be attained" - Helen Keller I have been pretty quiet of late, in big part due to "compassion fatigue" and, in part, because I am bordering on just succumbing to the … Continue reading Do People “Think” for Themselves Anymore

Political Promises, Vote Baits

“Those who don't value their words, will never value your wishes.” ― Amit Kalantri I have put off writing for a week while my brain adjusted to the realities of the latest provincial election. In between writing this and the outcome of a very disruptive election period in Alberta was Easter. I am not a "religious" person … Continue reading Political Promises, Vote Baits