When Will We Learn, a Life Lesson

" A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots" - Marcus Garvey I must admit this current measles outbreak has me a little concerned. What has me even more concerned is how quickly people forget the past and from what I have observed history seems … Continue reading When Will We Learn, a Life Lesson

Polio Diaries – Episode 1 The Diagnosis

It was just ten days following his third birthday.  He had been exhibiting signs of the flu for almost the entire ten days since his birthday and was getting increasingly sicker.  His mom had taken him to the doctor twice and each time been told if was just the flu.  The date was June 10, 1953 … Continue reading Polio Diaries – Episode 1 The Diagnosis

Polio a Needless Outbreak

I am well aware of how many people have concerns over vaccinations.  I have spend the last number of years working closely with families living with children on the autism spectrum.  I have heard just about every argument out there, many of which have been scientifically dispelled but still not acceptable to these families.  I … Continue reading Polio a Needless Outbreak